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Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy


Bianca Rothschild wrote an article for the Huffington Post recently outlining some great tips to improve your social media strategy. My interpretation of them is below.

  1. What questions are you answering?- Try to relate all your social media posts to questions your audience (customers) want to know. Social media is a tool to connect with customers so they should be your primary focus when posting.
  2. Establish your brand messaging- All of your posts should represent your brand and what your company stands for. Social media is how a lot of consumers connect with businesses so you want to always be portraying an accurate representation of your company and your brand.
  3. Create a social media calender and stick to it- It is easy to get distracted by normal day-to-day business issues and neglect your social media campaign. Try to counter act this by creating goals and objectives to hit on a timely basis.
  4. Be patient- You won’t gain a million followers and have a super successful social media campaign over night. It takes time to build the relationships and attract an audience. Stick with it and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. Monitor and measure what is working- Always be checking how your efforts are being received by your audience. Make sure you know how your efforts are paying off. If you see a certain strategy garnering a lot of attention, keep expanding on it.
  6. Make pivots when necessary- If one strategy has not been working for a good period of time, try to change it up and go in a different route. If one form of social media seems to not be making an impact while others are, don’t just abandon it, try to adjust your efforts and go at it a different way.
  7. Pay when possible- One of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is that it is free, but, when you can, take advantage of the increased features that come with paid ads. Paid ads can give your campaign a big boost and gain you a larger audience that can then be exposed to your free content later.

To see Bianca’s full article on the Huffington Post, click here.


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