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5 Important Digital Marketing Concerns


Digital marketing is a new concentration that is gaining a lot of traction and should be priority of most businesses. posted an article detailing the 5 most important digital marketing concerns.

  1. Mobile Considerations– Mobile transactions are growing every year. Consumers are finding it more convenient to purchase items mobile than from standard desktops/laptops. With this growing market, businesses need to make sure that their websites and ads are well suited for mobile devices .
  2. Organic Search– Organic search is all about optimizing your website with relevant information and keywords to your product/services so that you are ranked higher on search engines. Be careful when doing this though, Google and other search engines are very smart and will notice when a website is “keyword stuffing” with unneeded keywords and links.
  3. Content Marketing– Post items and articles that are relevant to your business. This will drive conversions for your website and draw in more visitors.
  4. Social Media Marketing– Social media is a good and free way to distribute your content and interact with customers. A strong social media presence can also build a stronger brand that will be reflected in other areas of your business.
  5. Nurturing Website Visitors & Email Marketing– Utilize email marketing to convert more website visitors into purchases. Website visitors are more inclined to make a purchase if there is a well timed email campaign.


For a more in depth look at the points above, check out the original article from Forbes here.